Occupational Ergonomics and Biomechanics Laboratory

The Occupational Ergonomics and Biomechanics Laboratory focuses on the physiological and biomechanical aspects of work.  Our goal is to understand how to better design jobs, equipment, tools, products, and environments in which people play a significant role, so that human capabilities are maximized, physical stress is minimized, and workload is optimized.  This includes studying ergonomics aspects of the design, selection, installation and use of manually operated equipment and products; investigating the causes and prevention of work related musculoskeletal injuries; developing novel measurements and methods for assessing exposure to physical stress in the workplace; and quantifying functional deficits associated with musculoskeletal and neuromuscular disorders for medical surveillance, rehabilitation and prevention. Occupational activities are simulated in the laboratory for conducting human factors, ergonomics and biomechanics research.